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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

MyOctopus Open Source Components - offering you the parts we create as we build our Open Source Smarthome Platform.

MyOctopus sensor boards are easy connect (via I2C BUS components which easily connect to a micro-controller board (Arduino, Edison, Beaglebone, Pi etc) to quickly give your project senses. We hope this solves a few problems for you and makes it easier to connect sensors to your projects. 

  •  IR sensor (I2C)
  •  Ambient light sensor (I2C)
  •  temperature / Humidity sensor (I2C)
  •  Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass (I2C)
  •  Pressure / Barometric Sensor(I2C)

We also have a Voltage Level Translator, which transforms data signals between two different Voltage levels. This helps to automatically integrate hardware for data streaming. On one voltage side level you can connect a micro-controller board (Arduino, Edison, Beaglebone, Pi etc), on the other you can connect sensors, shifters, uCs, breakout boards, and switches on other voltage levels.

You can buy these parts on Tindie 

We want to know what you think of our parts and would LOVE to see what you make with them!
Simply post a project using our parts on Hackaday.io or Hackster.io
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As Makers ourselves - we <3 Makers

All parts are Open Source Hardware and always will be!




IR light sensor
Ambient Light Sensor
Humidity / Temperature Sensor
Barometric / Air Pressure Sensor
Voltage Level translator


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