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Saturday, 19 March 2016

Soldering Chip HDC1000 and Resistors / Capacitors to Custom MyOctopus Temperature Sensor boards

MyOctopus Open Source Components

 This is the hand soldering process to solder components to the breakout sensor board (Capacitor / Resistors, Humidity chip)



MyOctopus Smart Home Maker ~ ~ ~ Soldering Humidity / Temperature Sensor

1. Clean PCB
2. Apply no-clean solder paste
3. Place components
4. Use Reflow Air Heater to dry & set
6. Clean Again around the chip
7. Verify connections
8. Verify i2c response

Humidity Chip:  HDC1000 2.04 mm x 1.59 mm
Resistors / Capacitors: "0201" 0.6 mm × 0.3 mm
Octagonal sensor board 11mm
Available I2C config: 0x40 0x41 0x42 0x43


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