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Friday, 26 February 2016

Super Charge your home automation projects

MyOctopus is super excited!

If you like experimenting with electronics and fiddling with home automation,
you will be excited too!

We are launching our Smart-Home Maker parts shop very soon.

Look out for the HASHTAG #MakerDream

All parts are open source (view schemata here on CircuitHub),
Plug & Play with Intel Edison,
and so shiny and new that we know you will love them!

You can buy sensors and components

  •  4x infra-red temp (I2C)
  •  4x ambient light, (I2C)
  •  temperature & humidity (I2C)
  •  Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass (I2C)
  •  Pressure (I2C)
  •  Infra-red diode (I/O) to control TV, HiFi & similar devices (RC5, RC6 code)
  • Air quality (NH3, NOx, alcohol, Benzene, smoke, CO2 ,etc.) controlled by I2C via uC

And custom breakout boards:

Mainboard A

MyOctopus – giving you the freedom to create the smart-home of your dreams and the power to innovate your own home.

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