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Friday, 29 January 2016

How to Build a Tech Startup From the Wilderness


The intricate world of PCB electronics and machine code seems to be worlds apart from the ancient mist and legend steeped granite mountains of Wicklow, Ireland. The legendary Irish hero Fionn MacCumhail is said to have hunted on these slopes (more about him below). Yes, it is far from the ocean, and further still from the high tech world of a hardware startup and the Sci-Fi realm of AI managed smart-homes. Nonetheless, this is where MyOctopus was born, during a hill-walk between two old friends Larry and Sylwi, in April 2015.


2015 is the year MyOctopus was founded and the year our idea became very very real. But this is a story about belief, not about MyOctopus. You can find out all about MyOctopus here www.myoctopus.io and on Twitter.
How are belief, vision, startup ecosystems and the wild Wicklow mountains of legendary Fionn MacCumhaill fame connected? Bear with this archaeologist turned digital anthropologist, and I will explain all…

Monday, 25 January 2016

MyOctopus has had a makeover...

Inside and out!

Straight from the hot forge of DesignCORE — our partners in the design of MyOctopus RevI


  • Blue Octogons — Sensors
  • Black — Air Sensor, Speakers & IR LED
  • Medium Green Octogon— 3D Touch Pad Electrodes (senses about ~10cm from device)
  • Large Green Octogons— Mainboard A, Mainboard B
  • Orange Rectangle (Intel Edison)



Thanks to the DesignCORE team — it’s been great working with you