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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

MyOctopus Smart Home Maker


New Breakout board for Edison from MyOctopus.
All I/O open for development & projects.

Breakout board for Intel Edison
Power supply 5VDC 500mA via USB or external source

Ready to connect with MyOctopus sensors/devices:
  •  Air quality(NH3, NOx, alcohol, Benzene, smoke, CO2 ,etc.) controlled by I2C via uC
  •  4x infra-red temp(I2C)
  •  4x ambient light, (I2C)
  •  temperature & humidity (I2C)
  •  Accelerometer, gyroscope, compass(I2C)
  •  Pressure(I2C)
  •  Infra-red diode (I/O) to control TV, HiFi & similar devices (RC5, RC6 code)

  •  I2C ports and INTERRUPT I/O already shifted to 3.3V
  •  Edison Ports (2xI2C, 2xPWM,2x UART ports, USB)
  •  Digital potentiometer 50kOhm, 256 pos (I2C)
  •  Custom logic shifter 8x I/O
  •  uC Microchip (I2C,ICSP) for custom flash and I/Os

65mm, octagonal shape

Schematic and PCB:

(full spec on the way)

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