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Thursday, 1 October 2015




Dublin, Sept 25th 2015

MyOctopus is developing a revolutionary new kind of home-automation solution: beyond smart home-hubs - a connected, responsive, intelligent home multi-tool that will completely disrupt the smart home industry. It marks a paradigm shift in home-automation design - an intelligent, self-learning home, connected, flexible, more springboard than platform; jetting our users intelligently into the connected, converging IoT world; elegantly, easily, safely.
"MyOctopus is the first device to focus on the brain of the house, and not the muscles"    

(Wawrzyniec Wawro, Co-Founder & CEO of MyOctopus)                     

  •  Self Learning AI
  •  Multi-connective
  •  Packed with sensors
  •  Onboard CPU (parallel computing within home-cloud)
  •  Non-touch 3D interface  
  •  open hard & software  - customizable on every level 
  •  App Store & Development Platform
  •  Low power useage
  •  Next level security
  •  Social Media integration
  •  Data aggregation - very useful for Health / Home Care applications


The working prototype will be available to view at WebSummit 2015, Ireland's biggest Tech event, in Dublin, in the Startup Village. "WebSummit will be the first such event in MyOctopus' existence, we're thrilled to be a part of such a phenomenal event!" (Wawrzyniec Wawro, Co-Founder & CEO of MyOctopus).  We have a few surprises in store for everyone!


MyOctopus will be the ultimate solution for connectivity, within the home, community and online. Team Octopus aims to empower our users, whether in a dorm or a mansion, office or garden; developer, maker, home owner or millennial; Our goal is to see our user community easily and safely creating the intelligent homes & connected communities of their dreams, their way.
 "With MyOctopus, we are aiming to create a 'human house' , because we are replicating ourselves inside the machine.  MyOctopus shares its senses - you can share MyOctopus' discovery of the world, as it learns, you explore your own environment." 
(Sylwester Hyzynski , Co-Founder & CTO of MyOctopus)


Users can install it in their homes, and configure it in a matter of minutes, through a smart phone or the webapp, and use the standard apps, or download them from the AppStore, and enjoy a responsive, connected, intelligent home automation solution. It can control your lights, heating, house-ware, door locks; - essentially any electronic device that can be switched on and off, controlled electronically or through software in any way.


MyOctopus is an extremely versatile device, with huge potential.  Users can customize any schedule, any setting, any app.  Our software and OS is hosted on GitHub.  New apps can be written and added to our AppStore, apps that can utilize the plethora of data MyOctopus will be aggregating, or apps to link with other sensors and hardware devices.  MyOctopus is also completely buildable and customizable at the hardware level; you can order the parts from us, and build the electronics yourself, add or remove sensors from your system, and change the OS.

This extreme flexibility will be a cornerstone of MyOctopus' success; the demand for customizable DIY focused home-automation solutions is growing within the smart home market.  

“I wanted to create something for the maker community. I believe that they are the most talented inventors and innovators; and they will create the future. I want to give them tools. That’s why I created filamentshop.ie and that is why we created MyOctopus as a multitool platform. Penknives and multitools are by far the most versatile tools there are.”

(Wawrzyniec Wawro, Co-Founder & CEO of MyOctopus)


As a complete home automation solution, security, safety and user well-being are touchstones of our philosophy.  We have been designing a range of apps, most notably in the areas of Personal Motivation and Home Health-Care Support

Welcome Home / Goodbye App

   Integrating with user calenders, audio and text/notification cues, to manage user schedules, diaries, will remind user of day ahead, commonly forgotten items, lack of exercise, weather forecast.  integrates with smart phone.

Meal Planner / Diet Plan -

Drawing on the collected data, and analyzing patterns; integrating with calendars & smart appliances in the kitchen; will utilize the audio feature to prompt, remind and advise user on meal ideas and helps user to stick to a diet.

Health-Care Support App

An app for home-care, convalescent care, disability support etc.
To link with care-provider (Blue-Bird, Meals-on Wheels, private nursing)

  • Calender integration - medication / exercise schedules, appointments diary, chart of data & progress
  • Meal Planner - co-ordinate with nutritionist
  • Atmosphere Monitor - manages room temperatures, monitors user changes, can be a fever monitor also
  • Integration / connection with medical devices
  • Medical Data - data collected by MyOctopus will be collected and stored on a device for use of medical professionals
  • Night-Watch - monitors sleep patterns, dims lights 60% for bathroom visits, monitors movement
  • Vocal Interaction - if MyOctopus notices a change in users habits, or a lack of movement, it can attempt audio communication with user, Q&A, and call emergency services, or carer, if there is no response, or at user request.
  • Self-Care / Motivation - Reminders on self-care, exercise & personalised form of Personal Motivation app.

Contact us  - we would be delighted to discuss MyOctopus, and our vision for the future, or to provide any further details.


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