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Thursday, 24 September 2015

MyOctopus - keeping you healthy and well

Humans have explored land and sea; we're heading out to space, yet there is so much unexplored areas in our own life in our home. There is  relatively small amount of data on how we sleep or on the levels of noise in your home. 
Imagine your doctor could analyze this data, compare it and create more informed diagnoses? 
What if the noise from your fridge affects your sleep which in turn affects your health?
What if oxygen levels are dropping due to the kind of plants you have in your bedroom? 
What if imperceptible vibrations are root cause of your heart disease?
MyOctopus will be able to sense those and provide you with a more comprehensive description of the environment you live in. The findings might be more than revolutionary! 


Over time, MyOctopus will also learn your environment and guide you on how you can improve it. It will be able to alert you of sudden, but not always apparent, changes in your behaviour or environment. 
Imagine you're a man in his late 50s: MyOctopus will be able to get to know you and recognize how many night trips to the toilet are normal and when you should consider a check-up. 
If you are in a care / convalescence situation in your life, and unfortunately you slip in the bathroom, or have any other kind of issue, MyOctopus will notice that you haven't moved in a while, or followed your normal pattern. MyOctopus can then send a text message to your carer, or communicate with you through audio and ascertain whether you need to call emergency service. 
And if you're family of four, imagine that MyOctopus could observe amount of sneezing going on and inform you about potential virus threat before it has a chance to fully hatch. You could probably take precautions and potentially prevent the spread not only in your home but also to neighbors, family, kids at schools.

We as team MyOctopus are so excited to be a part of this evolution and are working hard to make that happen.

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