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Saturday, 6 June 2015

What is MyOctopus?

So what is this whole MyOctopus and where did it come from?
I'll get to the origin of it later on, for now I'll try to answer the question "what it is?"
Well - some might say it's a light switch, other would say it's application platform and I'm sure there will be some that would call it a computing grid, private cloud, home AI, brain and maybe even something else.
Technically speaking it is a wall mounted device packed with multitude of sensors, multiple CPU cores, switch, wifi, bluetooth, nfc, touchpad and few other bits that I will keep to myself for now not to overwhelm the weakhearted ones. But fear not, there are no secrets here and all technical specs will be revealed as we will progress with the development.

What it can do?
Well - it can run apps. Apps that can read environment data from the sensors, apps that can perform AI simulations, apps that can utilize a power of parallel, decentralized computing, apps that can switch light or other electrical devices, apps that can integrate with other devices and apps. It will essentially allow you to run a "system upgrade" on your house (or apartment... or flat... or sub-rented room or half of it or a top bunk bed*).
We aim to create a development platform that will only be limited by the creativity and imagination of developers.

Well, wait a second, you've said grid, you've said app-platform, smart home - that just doesn't make sense!
I have to disagree with that - It makes perfect sense. Think about current solutions for smart homes - you can install thermostat and make it control temperature at your home. You can install radio controlled switch for the lights in your living room. You can install air quality sensor that will monitor CO2 levels and warn you in case of danger. Are those solutions really smart? They are useful, but they will never be much more than a solution for a given problem. With MyOctopus, you can create a system that instead of being solution to a particular problem is a tool or a platform for problem solving. The usefulness and problem-range that it can solve is only be limited by imagination of people that use it and people that will be willing to create applications for it. I like to think of MyOctopus being multitool, that obviously have a screwdriver, knife, bottle opener and few other tools, but if the circumstances require - it might also become a hammer, coat hanger, sewing machine a toothpick or a comb (well ok - comb is a bit of a stretch for a multitool, though I must say it proves handy if you have dreadlocks ;-) ).
Another analogy might be a smartphone - they are so much more than just a phone. If needs be they can be fitness trackers, navigation devices, entertainment centers, personal music players, virtual assistants and so much more. MyOctopus brings the same smartness to your home as a smartphone did to your Nokia 3310.

* Lower level bunk-beds might also be upgradable, we're still discussing that matter ;-)


  1. https://github.com/wawrow/myoctopus

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